Thank God for the Struggle


Hey don’t forget to love the struggles of life too.

I used to live my life trying, hoping every day would be perfect. That put extra pressure on holidays and other special days. I would hope with every part of myself that I would have a day without a headache, mosquito bites, paper cuts, any kind of struggle.

Those days when I did get a headache or itches from mosquito bites, I would be miserable.

Then, I went through one of the hardest parts of my life. I was miserable and struggling for a little over a year.

When I came out of that period, I had grown so much that I realized that the horrible struggle was completely worth it!

Now, I see a day with a headache or a day when I’m exhausted as a challenge. I see a challenge that I can overcome, and that I will feel wonderful about overcoming! If I get a headache, I see how normally I can live my life with that obstacle. Then I see how strong I am, and I feel like a champ.

Those irritating things don’t even have a chance to make my day miserable anymore!

Thank God for the challenge. Offer him your suffering. Every day will be better!


One thought on “Thank God for the Struggle

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