When in Need, God Provides


God will always provide for his people!

He isn’t going to buy us each a Mercedes-Benz, and if I’m feeling lonely, he may not introduce me to my soul mate. He may not even give us what we think we need, but that is only because he knows what we need more than we do. He has promised to always give us what we need.

This morning, I was in a funk. It started yesterday morning and continued all day yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed, like life was just too heavy to handle for some reason. I woke up this morning and was feeling anxious that my outlook hadn’t changed. I was even feeling a bit shaken and depressed.

I didn’t want to do anything except sleep, but I had been planning to go surfing today since last week so I went.

Ask anyone in Huntington Beach, the waves were as good as they get!

The sky was bright and sunny. The air was warm with little breeze. Nature was at its finest. Shortly after I paddled out, four big pelicans glided above the swell right in front of me; close enough that I could have splashed them with water! I also saw a flock of seagulls bobbing on the water in the distance. I caught my first wave and rode it almost the whole way to shore. The waves were big yet mellow. It was like a dream! They were so easy to catch and ride, and the ride was long and smooth. Usually this great of conditions means overcrowded water, but I was able to catch almost any wave I wanted. After several super fun rides, I rode into shore. Just before the wave ended, I watched a small sand shark swim under my board. I am still stoked about it!

Right before I got into the water, I was feeling like crap. Then, right after I caught my first wave, I realized God was providing. I thank Him for that.


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