How is God Using You to Provide for Others?


A couple posts ago, I talked about God providing for his people. He does! And it’s fantastic when He provides for us when we’re really needing it. However, it is often the case that he provides for us by putting certain people in our lives. That means someone has to do some work! God provides for us, but he also uses us to provide for others.

It can be something as simple as using your church donations to feed the poor, or maybe it’s using your joy and energy to raise up someone who is feeling down. Laighla93, at The Heart’s Table blog, wrote about a time when her sister and her were almost attacked by a dog until a stranger came and distracted the dog so they could get away. God was using that man to save the girls from injury and possible death.

God may be using any one of us at any moment. In fact, we often don’t even know the differences we make in the lives of others. It’s a Wonderful Life is a great movie on that subject!

Bottom line, we must always look for ways to serve, and ask ourselves how God is using us to provide for His people. It’s a great thing to change someone’s day from a bad one to a good one!


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