Grow Your Soul


I must have been in first grade – or one of those elementary grades. I would watch TV in my parents’ bedroom, and my dad would sometimes turn to EWTN.

EWTN did a lot of good because it bored the Hell out of me! I don’t remember much of what any of the priests and nuns said on their shows. I mostly just remember lots of boring.

There was one time, however, that I saw something on EWTN that didn’t completely go over my head. A nun was speaking. Her face was fairly familiar. She must have been an EWTN regular. She said something I believe has really had a strong role in my prayer life. She said, “every time you pray, your soul gets bigger.”

I don’t recall thinking, “I’m going to pray all the time now so my soul gets huge!” But I do remember thinking of her words every time I prayed. When I said my prayers at night, I always had the visualization of my soul growing. I think that idea helped me become a person who prays on a daily basis. And God knows the massive impact that prayer has had on my life and on my faith!

I feel so blessed to have received that beautiful idea. I just had to share it with you!


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