Grow Your Soul


I must have been in first grade – or one of those elementary grades. I would watch TV in my parents’ bedroom, and my dad would sometimes turn to EWTN.

EWTN did a lot of good because it bored the Hell out of me! I don’t remember much of what any of the priests and nuns said on their shows. I mostly just remember lots of boring.

There was one time, however, that I saw something on EWTN that didn’t completely go over my head. A nun was speaking. Her face was fairly familiar. She must have been an EWTN regular. She said something I believe has really had a strong role in my prayer life. She said, “every time you pray, your soul gets bigger.”

I don’t recall thinking, “I’m going to pray all the time now so my soul gets huge!” But I do remember thinking of her words every time I prayed. When I said my prayers at night, I always had the visualization of my soul growing. I think that idea helped me become a person who prays on a daily basis. And God knows the massive impact that prayer has had on my life and on my faith!

I feel so blessed to have received that beautiful idea. I just had to share it with you!


Prayer for the Broken Hearted


Lord, my heart beats with a rhythm of angst
at the loss of one I love.

Please send a guardian angel to tend to my wounds.

I understand you always do what is good and just,
what is ultimately best for me.

You know I am in pain, you have felt my pain,
and only you know the reason for it.
Only you can see the good that will come from it.

Lord, please give me the strength and faith
to trust that your plan for me is good.

I am yours, always. Amen.


If you’ve lost a loved one to death, spend time reflecting on three happy memories the two of you shared.

If you’ve lost a loved one to divorce or a break-up, spend time reflecting on three happy memories you had without the person who broke your heart.

Thank God for the good times and good memories.

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Student’s Prayer by St. Thomas Aquinas


Creator of all things,
true source of light and wisdom,
origin of all being,
graciously let a ray of your light penetrate
the darkness of my understanding.

Take from me the double darkness
in which I have been born,
an obscurity of sin and ignorance.

Give me a keen understanding,
a retentive memory, and
the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.

Grant me the talent of being exact
in my explanations and the ability to express myself
with thoroughness and charm.

Point out the beginning,
direct the progress,
and help in the completion.

I ask this through Christ our Lord.